Keep it Simple

For my first post in here, I would like to expose myself on how I think about ideas, people, work, and religion. On my very own view, I believe that everything should be treated as simple as possible. For instance, in math, one can break down any long math structure into a simple line of meaningful data. The same can be applied to virtually anything in life (and post life if you will)

Lately I’ve been getting professional medical help where I am trying to understand myself instead of trying to understand the world.

As a math oriented person, I tend to see everything as logic as possible (maybe as impossible as well) and at some aspects of life, it is just unpractical.

I am a multilingual computer programmer, and in my field everything has a reason and must be tested to the unit level. On the other hand, I am also a christian musician responsible to lead the people to worship God. How can that work? It does not. The conflict inside of me is tremendously. Not that I have any problems with the spiritual subject. It is only that some people (not to say must of them) just can’t get it right. I am not saying I know everything, but I am getting back to the subject: Keep it simple.

At church, people tend to believe that every single thing is caused by direct decision of God (predetermined). Although God has the power to do anything, He just can’t go against himself. He lets his creating take decisions, good or bad, and tries to teach them – if they listen to Him is something else.

Think with me: If God had to do everything as He wants since the beginning, He wouldn’t have let Lucifer fall, neither the human kind. Does He has all the power? Yes. But He does not impose it to anyone.

Now, was it the time of God, did he tell you to do so? He could, but I prefer to believe what Salomon said about everyone being under the sun, susceptible to the same problems and finally death.

So, stop trying to understand God. Make it simple: Love your neighbor as yourself, and enjoy life from the smallest to the highest level, each day at the time.

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