Is life worth it living it?

Aristotle said once: “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.” I tend to agree with him, and in fact, I’ve used his citation as my email footer signature for a good amount of time. However, is life what we do to it? Are we in control of the events that build up our own existence under the sun? This humble article will establish that even though we might see life as a burden, it might be our responsibility, or at least part of it, to make it happen the way we desire.

This Aristotle citation, along with my religious believes, helped me to pass thru a very difficult period in my life, and also gave me the strength to believe that I was the one to go after my dreams and make it happen. In 2002, I went to the USA to find out how life could be outside of my hometown world. After a year, I came back. However, something inside of me was moving on to do more. In 2005, I went back (also in 2003 for a church conference, but just for 2 months) to the USA, now to go to College. What College? How come? No money, not enough English, could not have my wife and kid with me, and the list keeps adding up. Maybe most of the people in the world would give up even before trying. My life in college, and how I was able to graduate with high honors after 3 years is subject to another post, but I just wanted to make a point: If you dream it, you can do it.

When I say “At least most of it”, I mean it.  What if an individual has a mental or psychological problem? For instance, that person with unbalanced levels of serotonin, will tend to be depressed, and therefore won’t be able to do the things he or she would like to. Even worse, this person would not be able to know what to think as depression takes the life of a been. Help should come somehow from a family member, the person itself, religious believes, you name it. What should not be acceptable is to live as if life were just a weight to carry on.

So, is life worth it living it? I definitely say: Yes! One must go after the dreams and make whatever it takes, (in time: under the law =) ), to get it done. Build up a life worth living is the magic that surrounds this little time in space that is needed to a person to discover the next greatest idea, or conceive a wonderful melody, or just be able to wake up every day and look at the blue sky and be thankful of just being Alive.

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