The Fate of Fate is Defeat Itself

Recently, a local TV station showed what could be called murder in the highest sense. The supposed killer started gun shooting the victim several times, including the head as a mean to certify the victim would die. Needless to say, the victim is dead indeed, one could say. No! He not only survived but also was already walking a few days later as if nothing had happened. Is there fate? I surely believe and affirm there is not. Although I do believe that there is a God, things in the universe happen as the result of the billions of variables that make us unique and leads to every single event in earth, from the smallest to the highest level.

When I started this blog, I agreed to myself not to be religious tendentious and I will try to continue like so, but sometimes one has to make use of faith to explain the things we cannot explain. How could this man survive so many gun shots, including in the head, and still survive? Needless to mention other examples we see once in a while. The answer is fairly simple: 7 billion people. If one takes a sample of 7 billion, there will be, statistically speaking, several cases like this one. One has to agree that the math can’t be wrong. Was he lucky? Sure he was, but that is it: just a matter of causality.

The same thing we see in daily life has happened in our own world several million years ago. For instance, let’s take the dinosaurs. The poor lizard like cute big animals were not lucky at all as they lived in a time were, one in trillion of asteroids, got to be in the right path, time, and space of earth. Again, infinite number of asteroids and celestial bodies would definitely give the chance to it to happen. As scientists say: you just let time goes, and it will happen again.

One must have much more faith to believe that causality made us, than believe that there is a superior been (and I named Him God) has done it. I do recognize that even God took the time, 14 billion years to be more precise, to make things happen. By the way, if you do believe in God, keep in mind that time does not make any difference for Him, and before time He was.

Is there a fate to every living thing in the universe? I don’t believe so. If one does not take the action to go after whatever he/she wants, or be lucky enough to get it already done, fate won’t do any good. Of course, everyone has the right to comment (like I wrote a few days back), but the cause effect paradox will surround us forever, until for the ones that believe in God discover it in its plenitude, or just to have a sad existence  end in for those who believe that this life ends when one dies. Either way, don’t except too much on fate. Make it happen.

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