Vacations From Oneself

One could say that time is relative, life is in one’s mind and we are what we think we are. Our beliefs, faith, uncertainness, and assuredness  of a lost battle against death, makes me rethink, daily, what really makes one happy, fulfilled, and conversely inclined to still keep trying.


Conversely inclined to still keep trying as it is indeed a lost battle. It is just a matter of time. As faster one runs, closer one gets to death. Nevertheless, we are here: writing, reading, thinking, and living.


Sometimes, all we need is “nothing”. Yes. Nothing. According to psychology, overthinking makes one depressed and depression itself can lead to sickness, low quality life, and eventually even death.


I am taking a vacation from myself. It does not mean that I am annihilating what I am or what I think: I just do not have to prove anything for a week, not even to myself.


Being able to see the sunshine and sunset for a whole week; being together with beloved ones, and feeling free to write, study, or just do nothing, is freedom from religion, belief, faith, but not from love, AKA God.

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