The cruel goodness of a religious reality

It is true that religion has broth both, peace and darkness, hope and war, faith and doubt, goodness and cruelty. One could have used this introduction for any other human manifestation such as politics; however, religion plays the ultimate role as it is in the human spirit. It involves not only thoughts, but faith; not only strength but the believe that someone greater is on their side.

If goodness and cruelty can be found is every group in the world, from the groups so called civilized or not, in every single culture there is the notion of what is good and what is not, so why does religion still pays for what humans do? Because it touches the heart. What makes us live is what kills us.

Therefore, one must give a thought on the possibility that it is not religion that brings harm to the humans, but humans themselves. There are good and bad people in every culture, religion, or philosophy. In different levels, in different perceptions, but after all we are all people: Broken people that need a reason to be. I call that reason “Spirit” and its goal “God”. I call the goodness of a man, “holiness” – be separated from others, and the “cruelty” of a man, “madness” – that separate others.

Please, choose to be separated

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