The Toughness of an Easy Life

Life is not easy and sometimes not fair. That we all know for fact. Why does it have to be this way? What it if one could get everything one wants? Would life be better or worse, easier or tougher? One can perceive several examples of how being in a position of power brought people to death or defeat, even if at the beginning it appeared to be the perfect and intangible state of art a life could get. If one could do everything one wants, life would be terrible not only for the person itself, but everyone else as well.

According to the genesis as described on the Christian bible, the man and woman had the power over all living things on earth. They could do everything that was good. However, they decided to do what was wrong according to God. When Adam was put out of the Eden garden, God said to him: “through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life”. Other cultures also demonstrate the desire of the man to be godlike. Such civilizations like the Greeks actually had their own views of the gods being real entities that could interact, even in a sexual way, with humans. As one can see from the Greek mythology, even the gods had problems doing everything they wanted. Death and disgrace seems to be surrounded by when one simply tries to be the master of life doing whatever is in the mind. In these two examples, both brought disgrace to others, not only for the one that actually did the bad act.

Humans are always looking for something else. If one has a motorcycle, desires to get a car. After getting a car, comes the house, the pool, the “toys”, and so on. It is never enough. In certain extend, capitalism increases this feeling of emptiness.

This post does not bring an answer, but more questions. How would it be if life were too easy? No challenges or goals to accomplish? No dreams to become true? In some way, one could assume that it would be just too tough to live. One thing I know: no matter what one thinks, we still have to go after our dreams and recognize that we all have limits and, finally, will get old and die.

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